Together We Rise: Experiments in Vibrational Activism

WHAT IS VIBRATIONAL ACTIVISM? When we come together with open hearts and shared intention, small groups of people are a powerful force for good in the world. In these meditative experiments we synchronize to benevolent vibrations, like Peace, with the shared intention to increase these energies in our world. We may never know how our experiments ripple through the world, but we can witness them ripples through our own lives. Join us! ~ Helen & Stephen

15. Balancing Yang with YinListen now (23 min) | feeling our cooling and reflective power
14. Outer & Inner SunListen now (23 min) | aligning with our generative power
13. Release Toward PeaceListen now (26 min) | a practice to move energy and find alignment
12. Meeting the RainListen now (22 min) | aligning ourselves with the wisdom of storms
11. Canyon BodiesListen now (28 min) | freedom and communion in our many forms
10. Tourists in a Bamboo ForestListen now (28 min) | returning to equanimity
09. Swaying EquanimityListen now (26 min) | meeting peace in a bamboo forest
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