Together We Rise: Experiments in Vibrational Activism

WHAT IS VIBRATIONAL ACTIVISM? When we come together with open hearts and shared intention, small groups of people are a powerful force for good in the world. In these meditative experiments we synchronize to benevolent vibrations, like Peace, with the shared intention to increase these energies in our world. We may never know how our experiments ripple through the world, but we can witness them ripples through our own lives. Join us! ~ Helen & Stephen

23. The Calm and the StormListen now (25 min) | resting in timeless peace beneath upheaval
22. Sentinels of PeaceListen now (27 min) | breathing with the trees
21. Seeing in DarknessListen now (24 min) | making friends with the unknown
20. Network of LifeListen now (24 min) | feeling the unseen intelligence...below our surface
19. Merging RiversListen now (26 min) | feeling ourselves in the flow of life
18. Tending the Spectrum of LightListen now (26 min) | our rainbow threads of connection
17. Peace in MotionListen now (26 min) | learning from the rhythms of nature
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