We invite you to co-create a compassionate hospice for our old paradigm, while nurturing seeds for a New Earth culture.

It is increasingly difficult to deny that our aging structures of power and governance are divisive and not in harmony with life's wholeness. The Gladstone is a community laboratory where we support each other to discover and practice ways of being human that are meaningful, enjoyable, and mutually generative.

Our aim is to inspire artful ways of being human together. Using contemplative and expressive arts of all kinds, our work is dedicated to nurturing the wholeness of being alive...and having a good time doing it!

Our time, energy, skills, and financial resources are put in service of this aim, without a transactional expectation of a “return on our investment.” 

This means our Community Lab events and newsletter are sustained by the generous presence of every participant and reader, and the financial generosity of those who contribute monetary gifts. 

​Your subscription motivates us to keep going, we’re energized by your comments, and your financial gifts help to sustain our work.

Thank you for being here!

~ Helen & Stephen

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Who we are…

Stephen Podry has taught and facilitated arts-based experiences for over 20 years, including 14 years directing literacy and parenting programs for incarcerated mothers. A musician, writer, and practitioner of shamanic arts, he offers a wide range of creative modalities for deepening the experience of being alive, including 2RS, a participatory divination process. 

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Helen Lowe
 encourages and assists people in the art of re-claiming their belonging—to themselves, to others, and to the natural world. She is working to publish a book and accompanying oracle cards that support direct encounters with the Sacred Geometry of belonging, based on insights that arose from her contemplative relationship with the Enneagram.

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As storyteller and creative catalyst, my work encourages people to access and express their innate creativity, highest wisdom, and natural compassion. It is an invitation to give up trying to "fit in" and experience how you truly belong.
Stephen Podry has facilitated arts-based experiences for over 20 years. Musician, writer, and practitioner of energy-shifting through imaginal arts, Steve offers a wide range of creative modalities for deepening the experience of being alive.